At AAC Ltd, our fees are based on the hours it will take to complete your contract.  


We would be pleased to meet with you for a free, initial half hour assessment, where we can discuss your requirements and produce a quotation for the likely hours involved based on our experience and expertise. We will then be happy to accept payment of our fees by monthly standing order - calculated in reference to your year end - based on the estimated quotation.



At the end of the accounting period a balancing invoice will be raised for any additional time or work requested over and above the original quotation.  This represents a substantial cash flow benefit both to you and to our Centre.


Alternatively, we can accept your instruction to raise an invoice for the full, actual cost upon completion of the work.  In these circumstances our payment terms and conditions are 14 days from the date of invoice and we reserve the right to charge interest on a daily basis at a rate of 0.05% of any balance unpaid after the 14 days.


For more information please contact us to arrange a detailed quotation.